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Kickstarter Success OSSIC Shuts Down; Leaves Backers With No Highly Anticipated OSSIC X Headphones

Just a little over two years after securing $2,708,472 from 10,263 backers through its Kickstarter campaign, tech startup OSSIC announced it was officially shutting down and will not be delivering its highly anticipated OSSIC X headphones. As previously reported, the OSSIC X headphones supposedly calibrate… Read More

San Diego’s OSSIC Scores Over $1 Million For 3D Audio Headphones Less Than 2 Weeks on Kickstarter

Last month, San Diego-based OSSIC Corporation launched a Kickstarter initiative to raise $100,000 for its self-titled 3D audio headphones. Within 2.5 hours, the project exceeded its initial goal and 12 days after its debut secured over $1 million. The OSSIC X supposedly calibrates to the individual… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: OSSIC X 3D Headphones, Monument Stores All of Your Photos & Bundle Beds Sleep Anywhere

OSSIC X headphones may be the 3D sound solution for the forthcoming VR world. Virtual reality hit mainstream consciousness with the advent of the Oculus Rift and the Virtuix Omni.  But what of the sound? If you really want to have the fully immersive, otherworld… Read More

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