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Kumpan Holiday: Electric Scooter’s Companisto Campaign Nears Close, 836% Overfunding

With only eight days remaining on its Companisto crowdfunding campaign, the sleek electric scooter Kumpan company has secured over 836,610€ from over 1137 investors, easily clearing the company’s 500K€ stretch goal for 2.76 % share offered. Indeed, a week after the official launch of the campaign, Kumpan’s investment… Read More

Jetzt Geht’s Los! Kumpan’s Über Cool E-Scooter Companisto Campaign Goes Electric, 350%+ Overfunding in First Week

Not surprisingly Kumpan‘s über cool e-scooter is on fire on Companisto.  Now entering its second week, the Tykesson brothers’ plan to bring more e-scooters to the autobahn and the rest of Europe will become a reality.  To date Kumpan’s Companisto campaign has garnered more than 368,485€ from over… Read More

Einfach Geil! Kumpan E-Scooter Campaign Revs Up the Companisto Crowd

Aiming to bring one million electric cars to German roads by 2020, the German federal government recently introduced a subsidy for purchasers of electric cars. Demand for this subsidy has reportedly neither been very high. According to e-scooter start-up Kumpan, this subsidy does not apply to electric scooters. Despite this… Read More

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