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Pebble Announces Pebble Time Steel, New “Smartstraps”, As it Nears Kickstarter Crowdfunding Record

Pebble Set to Challenge Forthcoming Apple Watch with New Design, 10 Day Battery Life & “Smartstraps” Pebble, the leader in the smartwatch space, launched a second round of crowdfunding on Kickstarter at the end of last month.  The project rocketed immediately, easily topping its half… Read More

The Pebble Smartwatch Gets Its Own Appstore

Pebble recently made some headlines (including here)for the release of a metal-encased version of their popular smartwatch. However, another recent development with the ubiquitous device stands to benefit new and current users alike: Pebble is going to launch their own Appstore. There are reportedly thousands of… Read More

Pebble Does Not Disappoint with New Version Smartwatch: Pebble Steel

Announced today during a special briefing at CES, Eric Migicovsky Pebble CEO and founder, revealed their 2nd version of the famous smartwatch.  The Pebble Steel, their premium version watch,  may be ordered today for $249.00 (ships in three weeks from today).  Simultaneously Pebble announced their… Read More

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