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Watch: 11-year-old Crowdfunds $14K For Friend’s Cancer Battle On Piggybackr

KMSP-TV When 11-year-old Amelia Sawalich wanted to help her friend Nevaeh (below, pink hat) and her family in their battle against cancer, she turned to crowdfunding platform Piggybackr to raise funds. She set an initial goal of $5,000 and went to work promoting the campaign. 30… Read More

Piggybackr Challenge Aims to Mobilize Next Generation of Leaders

Piggybackr wants to propel the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs and philanthropists to raise money for their projects this holiday season.  The crowdfunding platform for teams is doing so with their “One Million Leaders Challenge” campaign. The challenge invites young people and their teams to launch… Read More

Eastside/Westside: Silicon Valley website helps kids use ‘crowd funding’

If you’re a kid trying to raise money for a science project, team or social cause, what do you do? Hold a car wash? Sell candy bars door to door? Get some old guy to organize a charity golf tournament for you? Sorry, but that… Read More

Bye, Bye Bake Sales? Young Entrepreneurs Crowdfunding in Digital Age

Young entrepreneurs, scientists and activists are flocking to crowdfunding sites, from a group of 12-year-old girls photographing Earth from space to an award-winning iPhone case designer. Michael Conway, who created the fundraising page on website GoFundMe.com, says he and his classmates at the University of… Read More

Crowdfunding That Teaches Kids How To Raise Money – Piggybackr

Piggybackr, a crowdfunding site that teaches young people how to raise money for projects, their teams, and schools, and projects, launched today with over 1,500 youth and 10 partners nationwide. The crowdfunding platform focuses on youths (K through college) bringing their fundraising efforts online while applying… Read More

Forbes Focuses on Women of Crowdfunding

In an article from Forbes highlighting 6 Women Entrepreneurs empowering through Crowdfunding the author focuses on six names: Andrea Lo – Founder & CEO of Piggybackr Candace Klein – Founder & CEO of SoMoLend plus Bad Girl Ventures Danae Ringelmann – Founder & COO of… Read More

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