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Play-i’s Co-Founder Shares Crowdfunding Campaign Tips

It gained $1.44 million during its crowdfunding campaign last fall, and now Play-i’s co-founder Vikas Gupta is giving the world an inside look at the company’s success as he shared with Techcrunch.  Following the initial self-crowdfunding round, Play-i went on to raise $8 million in a… Read More

Exclusive: Play-i Shares Production Details & Shipping Dates For Crowdfunding Backers

The crowdfunding campaign for Play-i’s interactive robots Bo and Yana was a success by any measure, having raised over $1.4 million. Of course, the easy part is raising money. As far too many crowdfunders have learned the hard way, the hard part is actually delivering… Read More

Play-i Raised $1.4 Million Crowdfunding, Now Raises $8 Million in Series A

Play-i was founded by Vikas Gupta, Mikal Greaves and Saurabh Gupta — inventors, designers, programmers and parents.  The company was created to  build delightful robots for children to program and learn, developing needed skills at a very young age.  Over 30 days the Play-i raised… Read More

Final Hours: Play-i CEO Vikas Gupta On How He Raised Over $1 Million

The crowdfunding campaign for Play-i is in its final hours. The campaign launched seeking $250,000 to fund and prove a market for an interactive, cost-effective set of robots – named Bo and Yana – that would aid in teaching young children the basics of programming…. Read More

Play-i Approaches $750K In Funding With A Week Left In Campaign

A crowdfunding campaign for the Play-i robot is approaching $750,000 in funding after seeking a goal of just $250,000. The campaign still has a week left to go and could hit $1 million before all is said and done. Play-i is creating a visual programming… Read More

Play-i Robots Launches Self-Crowdfunding Campaign

Team Includes Veterans From Google, Frog Design and Apple Play-i has announced the launch of its crowdfunding campaign to produce robots that children can play with and program. The crowdfunding initiative hopes to raise $250,000 over the next 30 days.  Play-i’s mission is to give young children… Read More

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