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Brief: Crowdfunding Platform Patreon Captures $30 Million During Series B Funding Round

This week, Patreon announced it has secured $30 million during series B funding. The website’s total amount of funding is now at $47.1 million. According to the Patreon team, the round was led by Thrive Capital and included investments from Allen and Company and follow-ons by Charles River… Read More

Brief: Pebble Expects Big Growth In 2014, Leaks Sales Figures

Pebble still holds the record for the biggest Kickstarter campaign of all time. So, did crowdfunding success translate into big numbers in the world of retail? The figures suggest that Pebble has certainly found their niche. The company has generated a napkin math estimate of… Read More

Play-i Raised $1.4 Million Crowdfunding, Now Raises $8 Million in Series A

Play-i was founded by Vikas Gupta, Mikal Greaves and Saurabh Gupta — inventors, designers, programmers and parents.  The company was created to  build delightful robots for children to program and learn, developing needed skills at a very young age.  Over 30 days the Play-i raised… Read More

Pebble Raises $15 Million From Charles River Ventures

Pebble has joined Ouya in raising $15 million in venture capital after a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign. In Pebble’s case, the round was led by Charles River Ventures and partner George Zachary. Zachary said this was the largest Series A he has ever participated in. Oh,… Read More

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