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Brief: Thousands of Donors Offer Up $474,000 For LGBTQIA Projects Through Indiegogo’s Generosity Platform

In celebration of Pride Month, Indiegogo has introduced a list of crowdfunding campaigns that support those in the LGBTQIA community on its sister site, Generosity. The global crowdfunding portal revealed on Twitter: For #Pride month we are spotlighting #LGBTQ#entrepreneurs & the impact on their communities… Read More

Brief: Indiegogo to Host LGBTQIA‬ Pride Celebration at San Francisco Headquarters

On Wednesday, Indiegogo announced its very own Pride Celebration, which will be held at its San Francisco headquarters on June 23rd. The free event’s description reads: “In honor of pride month, Indiegogo is hosting a LGBTQIA Pride Celebration at Indiegogo HQ! It’ll be a chance… Read More

Brief: Indiegogo Set to Host LGBTQ Pride Celebration at San Francisco Headquarters

In honor of the LGBTQ pride month, Indiegogo announced a special event for the community, which will be held this Thursday at its headquarters in San Francisco. Global crowdfunding platform shared: “We will feature a panel where a few individuals discuss their perspective on what it’s… Read More

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