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Bluehelix Bridge Solution Addresses Cross-Chain Accessibility

Bluehelix has unveiled Bluehelix Bridge Solution (BBS), a decentralized multi-party computation-based cross-chain bridge solution that supports the decentralized cross-chain access of any public chain, any heterogeneous chain, any homogeneous chain, or any ecological native asset. As of Aug. 31, independent cross-chain addresses exceeded 1,800, cross-chain… Read More

Chinese City Guangzhou’s Government Announces 1 Billion Yuan Blockchain Subsidy Fund

The government of Guangzhou, the capital and most populous city of China’s Guangdong province, has reportedly launched a $140 million subsidy fund in order to support the ongoing development of several local blockchain projects. Guangzhou’s authorities intend to allocate around 1 billion yuan (appr. $141… Read More

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