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Connecticut Green Bank via CGB Green Liberty Notes, Offers Fourth Green Bond Using Reg CF

The Connecticut Green Bank is raising capital via its fourth Green Bond offering using the Reg CF securities exemption. The Green Liberty is open for investment via CGB Green Liberty Notes LLC, a FINRA-regulated funding portal. Offered in partnership with Raise Gren, investors may participate… Read More

Connecticut Green Bank Launches 3rd Offering on Raise Green Funding Portal

Connecticut Green Bank has launched its 3rd Green Liberty Notes on its FINRA-regulated funding portal Raise Green. Previously, two other offerings have been successfully funded. The one-year debt note aims to raise up to $250,000 from individual investors with a minimum of $100 holding a… Read More

Connecticut Green Bank Sells Green Bond on Raise Green

The Connecticut Green Bank is issuing a “Green Bond” on FINRA regulated funding portal Raise Green. The securities offering is being pursued using the Reg CF securities exemption. The debt offering is seeking up to $250,000 with a 1.00% Annual Interest Rate. Investors must commit… Read More

Multiple Funding Portals Enlist Vertalo as Digital Transfer Agent as Improvements to Reg CF Near

Vertalo, a digital transfer agent has signed agreements with multiple FINRA regulated funding portals that issue securities under Reg CF (Regulation Crowdfunding). According to a statement from Vertalo, Netshares, Fundopolis, FundersUSA, Infrashares, and Raise Green have each agreed to use the Vertalo service. The agreements… Read More

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