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CrowdClear Launches New Regulatory-Compliant Platform for Crowdfunding Sites

CrowdClear, a provider of technology, regulatory and compliance services to crowdfunding portals, today announced the launch of its highly scalable, regulatory-compliant technology platform. A division of Bendigo Securities, LLC, a registered broker-dealer, CrowdClear provides funding portals with all of the technology and services to offer… Read More

RockThePost Launches Crowdfunding Platform for Accredited Investors

After over two years in the rewards based crowdfunding space, having raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for startups and registering over 6,000 startups on their service, RockThePost is launching their equity crowdfunding platform for accredited investors. RockThePost will be offering Regulation D securities to… Read More

RockThePost To Launch Investment Crowdfunding Platform

Since 2011, RockThePost has been running their reward crowdfunding model, successfully aiding businesses in raising thousands of dollars and gaining extensive media coverage. Now, on March 5th, 2013 at 11 am EST, RockThePost will unveil their new investment crowdfunding platform. Incorporated businesses will have the opportunity to… Read More

Why Startups Will Use Crowdfunding Instead

With a plethora of venture capitals, the issue of funding used to be just finding the right match. Now, Series A investments are in a crunch, with investors shying away from taking risks via internet companies seeking funds. Nicole Perlroth of The New York Times calls… Read More

5 Key Points To Know About Equity Crowdfunding

In April 2012, President Obama signed the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act, aiming to revitalize opportunities for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses; e.g. America’s main job creators. Briefly, main benefits of the JOBS Act as it is now are as follows. The JOBS Act… Read More

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