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Kickstarter Hires Journo to Investigate Zano Drone Failed Crowdfunding Campaign

Zano, a drone project on Kickstarter, appeared to embrace it’s own demise.  A month after announcing its intent to ship the Zano drones, the Torquing Group (Zano creators), announced it was heading into receivership and all was lost. Zano was the largest UK Kickstarter campaign… Read More

Largest UK Kickstarter Campaign Ever Zano Goes Bust. Begins Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation

  Back in December 2014, British company Torquing Group took to Kickstarter with a mission to raise funds for its new nano “smart” drone, Zano. The project was met with backer enthusiasm and excitement as it secured a grand total of £2,335,119 ($3,550,665.20 USD). The Zano… Read More

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