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Financial Data Firm Exabel Works with Gridwise to Offer Gig Economy Analytics for Investors

Exabel and Gridwise are partnering to provide Gridwise Analytics for Investors. Exabel, a data and analytics platform for investment teams. Gridwise is said to be the largest and only “first-party ground-truth level dataset on how people and goods are moving across the gig mobility economy.”… Read More

Creators of Former OUYA Console Exclusive, That Dragon, Cancer, Launch $85,000 Kickstarter to Bring the Game to Mac, Steam & PC

Last Wednesday (November 12th),  video game developers, Josh Larson and Ryan Green, launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $85,000 to bring their game, That Dragon, Cancer, to PC, Mac and Steam. The new adventure was originally a OUYA console exclusive and is dedicated to… Read More

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