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Crowdfunding Campaign to Bring Ronaldo Home to Manchester United Shuts Down

Sites Negative Media as Reason Campaign is Cancelled. In an effort to bring the world renowned football star back to Manchester the crowdfunding campaign to “Bring Ronaldo Home” has now come to a close.  The imaginative initiative put together by determined lovers of the sports… Read More

Manchester United Tells Fans Do Not Support “Bring Ronaldo Home”

Earlier this spring a fan supported crowdfunding site called “Bring Ronaldo Home” was launched in an attempt to generate sufficient funds to pay for Soccer Superstar Ronaldo – to return to Manchester United. The justification for the crowdfunding effort was simple, as stated on their… Read More

Crowdfunding to Bring Ronaldo Back to Manchester United

A one off crowdfunding campaign has cropped up to crowdfund the return of sport superstar Ronaldo to return him to to play for football team Manchester United. BringRonaldoHome, was started by dedicated fans to raise sufficient funds to pay for his return. Over 3500 fans… Read More

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