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Soul Htite: “We want to bring US Capital to China”

China is the largest peer to peer lending market in the world with one estimate placing total loans at over $53 billion for all of 2014. Last week we reported that loan originations were near $10 billion – for just the month of May.  The space… Read More

‘It’s A Lot Of Money….Enough For Us To Build What We Wanted To Build”: Dianrong.com CEO On New Valuation of ‘About’ $1 Billion

A major Chinese peer-to-peer lender, Dianrong.com, now claims a valuation of “around” $1 billion, due to its latest round of fundraising, according to the company’s CEO, Soul Htite, in a conversation with CNBC (Reuters also contributed to the story). U.S. investment firm Tiger Global was the source… Read More

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