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Hubbub Makes Education Crowdfunding Platform Free for Students

Hubbub.net (formerly Sponsorcraft), a crowdfunding network for education, believes that free crowdfunding is inevitable, and that the new wave of crowdfunding platforms will need to explore alternative revenue models. In light of this they have taken the bold decision to lead the way and drop their… Read More

How I turned an idea into a project with £1200 of funding

Last March, I received my Raspberry Pi in the post after waiting months and spending all day trying to pre-order one when the site went down due to the huge popularity of the little device. And when I finally got hold of this swanky new piece of… Read More

Crowdfunding: More than just creative money

There’s money for the taking — if you know where to look and who to ask. Crowdfunding services like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and GoFundMe are helping students by providing alternative funding sources for a multitude of needs. They help pay for everything from a graduating film student’s… Read More

Fundraising for Charity Using Crowdfunding

It used to be that most organizations fundraising for charity had to do so the old fashioned way, whether that be by direct (snail) mail, specific events, or in person solicitations.  These were all methods which could be very successful, but these methods were also exceptionally inefficient… Read More

Starting Up: Sponsorcraft

Sponsorcraft is a company that provides a crowdfunding platform for anyone in the education sector – students and educators at universities, colleges and schools. These “crafters” publish their ideas and projects, and try to raise money from alumni, friends and family. Crowdfunding has worked well… Read More

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