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Suretly Forms Joint Venture with Payment Service QPAGOS in Mexico

Fintech startup Suretly has formed a joint venture (JV) with payments platform QPAGOS. A new entity will be formed called Suretly Mexico to develop Suretly’s “crowdvouching” solution for microloans in Mexico. Suretely explains crowdvouching as: The practice of financially securing a loan repayment by vouching monetary… Read More

Suretly Launches Beta App Less Than Two Months After Attracting $2.9 Million in ICO

Crowdvouching platform Suretly announced on Monday it has launched the beta version of its app and will start projects with several microfinance companies from CIS regions. This news comes less than two months after the platform secured $2.9 million in ICO. As previously reported, Suretly’s exchange… Read More

Tinder for Loans! Crypto Loan Service Suretly Raises $2.9 Million in ICO

Suretly quickly topped its minimum funding goal of $1.5 million in its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and now stands at over $2.9 million. The service descirbes itself as Tinder for Loans and is an online exchange for micro-loan guarantees. SUR tokens issued by the company will… Read More

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