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Lampuga Surfboards’ Jet Propulsion: Carving Out an Epic Crowdfunding Campaign on Seedmatch

“Curious looks from from the beach or jetty guaranteed.” Something about that wintery mix that just passed through the Midwest announcing that winter’s just around the corner makes Lampuga Surfboard’s Seedmatch campaign even more appealing.  Surf’s up! Just a vimeo away from the beach, sun and swells.  Nearing 400K€… Read More

Brief: Crowdfunder Takes a Look Back at 2014 & Thanks Backers For Project Support

With only a few more days until the world rings in the new year, UK’s reward-based crowdfunding platform Crowdfunder takes a time out to reflect on the successfully busy 2014 and the constant support backers gave to its campaigns. The Crowdfunder team stated, “Thanks to… Read More

Thundercloud Film Captures Surfing History, Crowdfunds on Pozible

Talon Clemlow is crowdfunding his independent surf documentary Thundercloud on Pozible and if you watch the trailers this film looks pretty awesome. Based around one of the most spectacular days in surfing history, June 8th 2012, when a swell of massive proportions arrived at Cloudbreak,… Read More

Top Surfer Paige Hareb turns to public for funding help

Top surfer Paige Hareb has turned to the public for help in funding her next season on the world tour. Without a major sponsor, Hareb has set up a ‘crowd-funding’ web page, where the public or business can donate as little as $10. She’d hoped… Read More

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