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Creators of FitnessTech App “Train My Athlete” Looks to Raise £150,000 on Seedrs to Begin American Sports Marketing Efforts

This week, creators of the FIFA-backed tech platform and fitnesstech app, Train My Athlete, launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs to raise £150,000 as they prepare to start marketing efforts to the American sports market and nonsporting institutions, including the NHS and private orthopedic… Read More

New Report Reveals: More Than $750,000 Has Been Raised For Rio Athletes’ Training & Travel Expenses on GoFundMe

With the 2016 Summer Olympic Games set to kick off this evening in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, crowdfunding platform GoFundMe announced more than $750,000 has been raised for athletes’ training and traveling costs. GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon shared: “More and more, athletes and sports teams—from Little… Read More

Athletes From All Over Support Russian Team Whistleblowers’ Crowdfunding Campaign (Video)

Following the announcement that the Russian Olympic Team might be facing disqualification from participating in the 2016 Rio Olympics for doping, athletes from all over the world showed their support for the whistleblowers involved in the now infamous scandal through a crowdfunding campaign. The initiative’s description… Read More

From the Netherlands to Brazil: Propeaq Launches Seedrs Campaign to Send Wearable Light Therapy Devices to the 2016 Summer Olympics

Earlier this week, Netherland-based Propeaq launched a Seedrs campaign to raise £120,000 so that it may send its “Wearable Light Therapy Devices” to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janiero. According to the company, the eyewear is designed to help the human body achieve high… Read More

Going For the Gold: GoFundMe Announces $10,000 Global Competition For Olympic Athletes

Seeking to help athletes from all over the world reach their Olympic dreams, GoFundMe announced on Monday its new global competition for those looking to achieve the gold at the Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro.  The crowdfunding portal revealed the Olympian who secures the most… Read More

Brief: Athletes Raise Nearly $400,000 on GoFundMe to Prepare For the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics

GoFundMe announced last week that athletes are taking to its global crowdfunding platform to raise funds as they prepare to make their way to the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics. The funding portal revealed over the past several months, nearly 100 athletes have raised nearly $400,000 as… Read More

France-Based Sport Crowdfunding Platform Sponsorise.me Launches New U.S. Website

On Monday, Sponsorise.me, a rewards-based crowdfunding platform dedicated to sports, announced the launch of its U.S. website, us.sponsorise.me. Founded in 2013, Sponsorise.me has already received more than 4,000 projects with athletes, teams, organizations and leagues from around the world and helped them raise more than US$2 million… Read More

Crowdfunding Platform UBooster Launches to Help Collegian Athletes

This week, a group of Clemson University fans launched a crowdfunding platform dedicated to collegian athletes called UBooster. According to the New York Times, UBooster is on a mission to help athletes achieve their dreams by soliciting payments for high school recruits from fans, and delivering the… Read More

USA Olympians Announce Support For New Crowdfunding Platform TeamUSA Registry; Admits Funding Struggles

In an effort to help more athletes fulfill their Olympic high cost dreams, new crowdfunding platform Team USA Registry has launched for various Olympian costs. During a recent interview with Forbes,  swimmer Natalie Coughlin and gymnast John Orozco announced their support for a new crowdfunding platform along… Read More

New Crowdfunding Platform FanAngel Launches to Help Keep College Athletes in School

Earlier this month, new crowdfunding platform FanAngel debuted for college athletes to receive funds from their biggest supporters – their fans! According to its description, FanAngel enables fans to directly and publicly influence the outcomes of their favorite players and teams by incentivizing them with money. These… Read More

MakeAChamp Launches Rewards-Based Platform in Brazil: Helps Athletes Raise Funding

Last December, Partner and ‎Head of Investor Community/Partnerships at OurCrowd Zack Miller highlighted crowdfunding websites to watch in 2015, citing six rewards-based platforms for athletes:  DreamFuel,  Pursuit, SportFunder, MakeAChamp,  RallyMe and Athlete.com. Montreal-based MakeAChamp, one of the six platforms cited by Miller,  provides an example of this rising trend: started in late 2012, the platform raised… Read More

Brief: Crowdfunder Takes a Look Back at 2014 & Thanks Backers For Project Support

With only a few more days until the world rings in the new year, UK’s reward-based crowdfunding platform Crowdfunder takes a time out to reflect on the successfully busy 2014 and the constant support backers gave to its campaigns. The Crowdfunder team stated, “Thanks to… Read More

OurCrowd’s Zack Miller Highlights Top Crowdfunding Sites for Athletes: Readying for Rio 2016

In a recent article in aboutMoney, crowdfunding expert and Partner and ‎Head of Investor Community/Partnerships at OurCrowd Zack Miller highlights crowdfunding websites to watch in 2015, cited six rewards-based platforms for athletes including RallyMe, DreamFuel, Pursuit, SportFunder, MakeAChamp and Athlete.com.  Last week U.S. Skier Keri Herman… Read More

Sqor, Inc. Launches Crowdfunding Platform to Raise Funds for Athletes & Charities

Sqor, Inc., the editorial and social platform focused exclusively on sports, announces the launch of a new crowdfunding platform that allows athletes to easily raise money via the site. Crowdfunding on Sqor may be used by athletes to finance training and upcoming competitions, or to bring… Read More

Dark Horse Pros Launches Video Contest And Crowdfunding Campaign For Athletes

Dark Horse Pros (DHP), a company committed to serious athletes, sponsors their very own “On the Edge Video Contest 2014” for athletes participating in action and extreme sports, with cash prizes totaling up to $5,000. From now until July 6th, entrants can upload their video… Read More

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