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It’s NOT Just About 5G. T-Mobile to Offer Bank Like Services with a Mobile Checking Account and a 4.00% APY

While everyone in the mobile community is talking about when 5G hits and how the world will change forever as  HD movies download in minutes and VR actually works like VR should, T-Mobile is talking about another innovation; one of the Fintech kind. T-Mobile is… Read More

T-Mobile Introduces No-Fee, Interesting Earning, Mobile-First Checking Account

T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) recently announced the launch of its new T-Mobile MONEY, which is a no-fee, interest-earning, mobile-first checking account that anyone can open and manage right from their smartphone. T-Mobile reported that with T-Mobile MONEY eligible Un-carrier customers can earn an industry-leading 4.00% Annual… Read More

SIM-Swap Cryptocurrency Thefts Being Abetted by Telecom Employees, Police Say

Researchers at Krebs on Security have shed new light on the nature of SIM-swap hacks, which have recently allowed thieves to steal millions in cryptocurrencies. Previously, it was thought that most SIM-swap attacks were being executed by hackers calling up mobile phone companies and impersonating… Read More

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