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castAR Closes Funding On Kickstarter At $1.05 Million

Woodinville, Washington based Technical Illusions is celebrating today after the close of their wildly successful Kickstarter funding round. The company raised $1,052,110 for the castAR, a pair of “augmented reality glasses” that seems to be somewhere between Google Glass and the Oculus Rift. castAR’s projected augmented… Read More

With Second Million-Dollar Kickstarter, Reaper Miniatures Sets Record

The second campaign for Reaper Miniature Bones is just a week in at the time of writing, but already the campaign has raised almost $1.5 million on Kickstarter. This is especially remarkable when considering the first campaign for these small gaming miniatures raised over $3.4… Read More

Six Cool Projects From Kickstarter Canada’s First Day

Now that we’re all collectively celebrating the launch of Kickstarter support for projects seeking funding in Canadian dollars, let’s take a look at six projects that have taken advantage of this new aspect of Kickstarter’s service. (As always, caveat emptor!) Nix Color Sensor [Toronto] The… Read More

BOOM or DOOM: A Documentary Chronicling Tabletop Games From Funding To Delivery

BOOM or DOOM is a documentary currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter that aims to put an interesting spin on the crowdfunded documentary model. See, project creators Sean and Alan plan on using Kickstarter to raise funds for an upcoming party game, entitled Two Rooms and a Broom…. Read More

Kickstarter For Female Miniatures Raises $370K

There are a couple of nice perks that come along with covering the crowdfunding space in depth. One perk is that we constantly find ourselves stumbling upon crazy tech that seems a generation or two ahead of its time. A second perk is that it… Read More

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