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Crowdfunding Mailbox: Yohann for iPad, Jimmy Stones & Carver Sunglasses

Here we are at the last days of summer (in the Northern hemisphere at least).  While many of us are thinking about ways to extend those warm summer days Crowdfund Insider continues to forge ahead, keeping abreast of the coolest things in crowdfunding.  We have… Read More

On Indiegogo: Laforge Crowdfunding For The Icis, A Prescription Google Glass Competitor

Various campaigns for wearable smart glasses have been launched via crowdfunding efforts. The latest comes from Boston-based Laforge Optical, who is seeking to crowdfund a pair of smart glasses for the optically challenged set. It’s called the Icis, and it’s a pair of smart glasses… Read More

On Indiegogo: Atheer 3D Glasses Promise Features To Surpass Google Glass

With 40 days left in their Indiegogo campaign, wearable device technology startup Atheer has raised over $70,000 of a stated $100,000 goal for their innovative spin on 3D glasses. The consumer-level variant is called the Atheer One, and the feature set promised by the team… Read More

castAR Closes Funding On Kickstarter At $1.05 Million

Woodinville, Washington based Technical Illusions is celebrating today after the close of their wildly successful Kickstarter funding round. The company raised $1,052,110 for the castAR, a pair of “augmented reality glasses” that seems to be somewhere between Google Glass and the Oculus Rift. castAR’s projected augmented… Read More

Frameri Finds Demand for One Lens, Many Frames

So why should you be stuck with the same pair of glasses for years?  Or feel compelled to purchase multiple frames along with expensive prescription lenses.  If you must wear glasses it is nice to be able to accessorize depending on the occasion or mood… Read More

Protos Eyewear Crowdfunding on Crowdhoster to Bring 3D Printed Custom Glasses to Consumers

Hold onto your Warby Parkers – San Francisco startup Protos Eyewear has taken the act of purchasing the perfect pair of eyeglasses to a new level. Crowdfunding on Crowdhoster, Protos is releasing a brand new line of eyeglass frames accompanied by their styling and custom… Read More

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