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Indie Game Magazine Partners With Teespring On Crowdfunding Initiative

Indie Game Magazine (IGM) has announced a rather unorthodox partnership with Teespring, a popular crowdfunding platform for t-shirt concepts. A bit of explaining from IGM clarifies why the partnership actually makes a lot of sense… We receive dozens of emails every day from developers specifically… Read More

Paul Graham Steps Back From Y Combinator, Sam Altman Takes Over

Paul Graham will take a step back from famed Silicon Valley tech accelerator Y Combinator to focus on his writing, although he will still consult startups. Over nine years at Y Combinator, Graham has built the organization into one of the most desirable entrepreneurial experiences… Read More

Brief: Andreessen Horowitz Invests $20 Million In Teespring

Venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz has invested $20 million in Teespring, an innovative crowdfunding platform for t-shirts. RELATED | Teespring Crowdfunds T-Shirt Preorders Teespring is a Y Combinator alum and has seen some pretty insane growth early in its lifecycle, so it is no huge surprise that… Read More

Crowdfunding startups dominate Y Combinator Demo Day

If you cringe when you hear a company described as “Kickstarter for” this industry or that genre, yesterday’s Y Combinator Demo Day was probably not for you. As happens twice a year, a Who’s Who of A-list (and B- and C-list) venture capitalists and angel… Read More

Teespring Crowdfunds T-Shirt Preorders

Teespring is taking a crowdfunded approach to t-shirt preorders. Using their online designer, project creators can create a t-shirt to their liking. Once created, a crowdfunding campaign for the shirt is launched. If the campaign is successful, Teespring fulfills the orders and the project creator… Read More

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