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Brief: Microryza Rebrands As Experiment, Gets Experiment.com Domain

What’s in a name? For online companies, quite a bit. Just ask Microryza, the donation-based crowdfunding platform for medical research. The site has now rebranded as Experiment, perhaps in an effort to secure that “brand-as-a-verb” ubiquity that Kickstarter enjoys. The company has also secured experiment.com…. Read More

Paul Graham Steps Back From Y Combinator, Sam Altman Takes Over

Paul Graham will take a step back from famed Silicon Valley tech accelerator Y Combinator to focus on his writing, although he will still consult startups. Over nine years at Y Combinator, Graham has built the organization into one of the most desirable entrepreneurial experiences… Read More

Tulane University Partners With Microryza To Crowdfund For Medical Research

Tulane University has just announced a partnership between Tulane’s School of Medicine and crowdfunding platform Microryza. Microryza is an industry leader in crowdfunding for medical research, and the platform will be used by Tulane researchers going forward in an effort to drive funding to medical… Read More

Balanced: Payments & Escrow For P2P Marketplaces, Crowdfunding Platforms

Balanced was created to increase the global economy through payments. As we built Balanced, it troubled me that we had adopted the closed-off culture common to the financial services industry, where everything was locked up for the sake of “competitive advantage.” That wasn’t the kind of… Read More

UPDATE: Gun Culture Study Fully Funded On Microryza

We recently reported on a Microryza campaign that aimed to study the effect of gun culture on public safety… Bisakha Sen, an associate professor at The University of Alabama at Birmingham, has launched a campaign on Microryza to fund her research into the effect of… Read More

Microryza Campaign Aims To Study Complicated US Gun Culture & Effect On Public Safety

Bisakha Sen, an associate professor at The University of Alabama at Birmingham, has launched a campaign on Microryza to fund her research into the effect of gun policy and gun culture on public safety in the United States. The project aims to draw conclusions based… Read More

INFOGRAPHIC: Crowdfunding Platform Analysis

Vertical Measures and Erin Pritchard recently released this infographic that does a nice job of visually outlining some of the differences between a handful of the most popular crowdfunding sites on the net. I think this also does a nice job of highlighting the flexibility… Read More

Westneat: UW chemist’s coal project gets crowdfunded — in record time

SEATTLE — Dan Jaffe says he didn’t set out intending to go all rogue with his science. “What happened is I was getting discouraged,” he says. “I was starting to wonder whether anyone would even be allowed to ask these basic questions. So I went outside… Read More

Two Roads to Wowing the Crowd

Poliwogg eyes biopharma startups seeking millions; Microryza connects donors to researchers needing thousands. A year has passed since President Barack Obama enacted a law intended to spark business growth by encouraging “crowdfunding” of startups. Much of the law remains to be implemented, but that hasn’t… Read More

Blessed by Gates, crowdfunding site funnels cash for high-risk R&D

  A new crowdfunding platform site called Microryza has started funneling cash to dozens of high-risk scientific research programs, including a number of drug development efforts that would otherwise never see the light of day.   Microryza’s co-founder, Cindy Wu, came up with the idea… Read More

Crowdfunding startups dominate Y Combinator Demo Day

If you cringe when you hear a company described as “Kickstarter for” this industry or that genre, yesterday’s Y Combinator Demo Day was probably not for you. As happens twice a year, a Who’s Who of A-list (and B- and C-list) venture capitalists and angel… Read More

Microryza’s Denny Luan Will Hold Reddit IAmA Next Monday @ 10 AM PST

Who: Microryza’s Denny Luan What: Reddit IAmA Where: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/ When: Monday, April 1st @ 10 AM Why: To answer the crowd’s questions about research finance, Microryza, entrepreneurship and anything else. Find out what a Reddit IAmA is here

List: 20 Notable Niche Crowdfunding Sites

We’ve put together a list of 20 niche crowdfunding sites we’ve covered on Crowdfund Insider recently. Many of these sites cater to specific interests and geographic areas, and many have unique ways of helping crowdfunders raise funds.  Angeldorm allows individuals to receive donations for college funds. Money… Read More

Y Combinator Backed Microryza is a Kickstarter for Science

Do you want to know whether cannibalism existed amongst Tyrannosaurus Rexes or whetherspecific viruses contribute to lung cancer risk? Better yet, do you want to be part of making this research happen faster? A Y Combinator-backed startup called Microryza is positioning itself as a “Kickstarter” for science research. The… Read More

Crowdfunding Science That’s Near and Dear to My Heart

The Internet has changed many things, creating a virtual landscape that is without the literal boundaries that once hindered our ability to communicate. In addition to bridging social, cultural, and even economic gaps, the Internet has become an incubator for entrepreneurs of all types, increasingly… Read More

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