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Niftify Announces No-Code NFT Store and Marketplace Platform Builder, Raises Money on Wefunder

Niftify has announced the launch of its NFT no code store and marketplace platform following the launch of its NFT marketplace last November. Niftify reports “hundreds” of businesses on their waiting list as it allows anyone to create and operate an NFT store and marketplace… Read More

Groundfloor Looks to Raise $5 Million on Wefunder

Real estate investment platform Groundfloor is raising capital on Wefunder, a leading investment crowdfunding platform. According to the offering page, Groundfloor is raising equity at a pre-money valuation of $234 million. Investors may participate for just $100 and as of today, Groundfloor has raised just… Read More

Wefunder Hit by $1.4 Million Fine, StartEngine Assessed $350,000 Penalty as FINRA Claims Funding Portals Failed to Comply with Rules

Two of the most successful investment crowdfunding platforms, Wefunder and StartEngine, have been hit with penalties by FINRA. According to a statement by FINRA, Wefunder has been assessed with a $1.4 million fine and StartEngine must pay $350,000 in regards to failing to comply with… Read More

Wefunder Claims Platform Record for Most Dollars Raised in One Week Under Reg CF

Wefunder, a top FINRA regulated funding portal, says it had a banner week as it raised more funding under Reg CF than ever before. According to a tweet from Jonny Price, Wefunder Vice President of Fundraising, Wefunder raised just shy of $14 million in seven… Read More

Wefunder Rebrands Equity Crowdfunding to Community Round

This week Jonny Price, Vice President of Fundraising at Wefunder – a top Reg CF funding portal operating in the US (and soon in Europe), pitched a rebranding of “equity crowdfunding” to “community round.” Price directed his opinion at Republic.     Yo @joinrepublic what… Read More

“Banking for a new Generation” – Envel Aims to Raise Up To $4.4 Million on Wefunder

“We believe that the consumer banking system isn’t focused on improving its customers’ financial health. Traditional banks profit from getting you indebted and don’t offer you the freedom or advice to help organize and manage your money in a way that helps you.” Envel, an… Read More

Wefunder Shares Platform Deal Structure Percentages

Wefunder, a leader in Reg CF securities offerings, distributed a Tweet yesterday that provided some insight into deal structure for issuers raising capital on its platform. Wefunder is typically the most active funding portal in the Reg CF space as it garners the largest number… Read More

NYCE Returns to Wefunder for 3rd Reg CF Offering for Real Estate Investment

NYCE has returned to Wefunder for its 3rd Reg CF securities offering. As was previously reported, NYCE – a firm that wants to create a Robinhood for real estate, pursued two securities offerings on both Wefunder and Republic in late 2020. Once again, NYCE is… Read More

Raising Money on Wefunder, ABC Fintech Aims to Fractionalize Real Estate based Securities Using Blockchain

ABC Fintech is an early-stage investment platform in the real estate sector. The company is leveraging blockchain technology to fractionalize commercial real estate to streamline the investment process for individuals. ABC Fintech, which stands for “asset backed crypto” is currently raising growth capital on Wefunder…. Read More

Part of the Jacksonville Fintech Scene, Bee Leverages Blockchain to Streamline Home Borrowing Process

  As CI has recently covered, Jacksonville, Florida is an emerging Fintech hub in the US. While Florida has boomed in the past couple of years due to its good governance and business/startup-friendly policies, Jacksonville has managed to attract a good number of financial services… Read More

Wefunder Reports Blowout Year of Investment Crowdfunding, Plans European Expansion

Wefunder is one of the leading investment crowdfunding platforms in the United States. A FINRA regulated funding portal, Wefunder is frequently the top offering platform when it comes to Reg CF offerings in any given month. In 2021, Wefunder published an “Impact Report” that highlighted… Read More

Atom Limbs Raises Over $1 Million in Under One Hour on Wefunder

Atom Limbs, a company co-founded by CEO Tyler Hays along with a leadership team with resumes that include names like Tesla and Apple, raised over $1 million in under one hour, according to a note from the company. Hays holds a good amount of entrepreneurial… Read More

It is Now Legal to Crowdfund Across All of the European Union But Challenges Remain

Earlier this month, the European Crowdfunding Service Providers Regulation (ECSPR) went into effect across the entire European Union. A dramatic step forward in removing internal borders in regards to capital formation, and part of the overall Fintech Action plan, the regulation allows firms in need… Read More

Wefunder Touts Use of Preferred Securities in Crowdfunded Offerings

Wefunder, a leading investment crowdfunding platform that primarily issues securities using the Reg CF (Regulation Crowdfunding) securities exemption, recently touted the fact that most securities offerings on its market are for Preferred shares. Wefunder stated that not 100% of offerings are for Preferred but said… Read More

Upcounsel Quickly Tops $1.6 Million in Securities Offering on Wefunder

UpCounsel almost went bust last year. The law firm alternative platform that seeks to provide legal services in a similar way that Codeable addressed web development, was on the brink of disaster. A lawsuit from 2018 had devastated the digital service, according to an article,… Read More

Wefunder Indicates Accelerating Number of Investments

In a Tweet by Wefunder VP of Fundraising Jonny Price, the crowdfunding platform indicates it is experiencing accelerating investments on the platform. It appears that during the first 6 months of 2021, the number of investments has already topped all of the activity in the… Read More

Cityzenith Reports Over $800K in First Week of Reg CF Offering on Wefunder

Cityzenith, an issuer on a mission to decarbonize US urban areas with its Cities – Clean Future strategy, has quickly raised over $847,000 in one week on Wefunder in a Reg CF securities offering. According to the offering page, Cityzenith is looking to raise up… Read More

Crypto Exchange BlockQuake Pursues Crowdfunding to Raise Growth Capital, Plans Global Launch this Quarter

BlockQuake is a crypto exchange startup that is seeking to compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Earlier this year, Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN) became the first crypto exchange to become a publicly-traded company in a direct listing on the Nasdaq. The company currently has a market cap… Read More

Raising Capital on HoneyComb, Wefunder is Now Over $6.2 Million in Funding

As was previously reported, leading Reg CF funding portal Wefunder is raising equity capital on Honeycomb – another FINRA regulated funding portal. Last March, Crowdfund Insider reported that Wefunder had filed a Form C with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) indicating its intent to raise up… Read More

Y Combinator Alum Pranos.ai Aims to Secure $600K via Wefunder, Company Focuses on Converting Car Windows to High-Def Displays

Pranos.ai, a Y Combinator alumni, aims to raise $600,000 via Wefunder, a leading funding portal in the Reg CF offering sector. Pranos.ai is focused on converting car windows into “high-definition displays.” David Valverde, Founder & CEO at Pranos and Founder of Community for Global Innovation… Read More

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