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Industry Insiders Comment on Crypto is Like Gambling Statement Issued by Parliament Treasury Committee

Digital asset industry participants are pushing back against the Parliament Treasury Committee’s report on crypto that declared the asset class should be treated like gambling. The statement was predicated on the opinion that many cryptocurrencies hold no intrinsic value – except for speculation. The Chair… Read More

Innovate Finance Politely Disagrees with Treasury’s Committee Criticism of Crypto

This morning, a Parliament Treasury Committee issued a report that was highly critical of crypto, announcing that it believes this sector should be regulated similarly to gambling. The Committee said many digital assets have no intrinsic value, creating unecessary risk for UK investors. Today, Innovate… Read More

CryptoUK Slams Treasury Committee’s Description of Crypto as Gambling

CryptoUK, a UK-based advocacy group supporting digital asset innovation, has slammed comments made by the UK Treasury Committee that has been reviewing the crypto industry in the country. CryptoUK criticized the statement that denigrated digital asset markets, with the Committee describing crypto as follows: “Unbacked… Read More

UK Parliament Treasury Committee Declares Crypto Should be Regulated Like Gambling

A UK Parliament Treasury Committee is calling for crypto to be regulated like gambling. This is due to significant risks to consumers as well as the heightened volatility of digital assets. Currently, around 10% of the UK population holds crypto. The Committee, which includes members… Read More

UK Parliament Treasury Committee Commences Inquiry into Digital Currencies & Blockchain

The Treasury Committee of the UK House of Parliament  has launched an inquiry into digital currencies and distributed ledger technology – also commonly referenced as Blockchain. According to a memo published by the Committee, the inquiry will cover the role of digital currencies in the… Read More

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