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UK Parliament Treasury Committee Declares Crypto Should be Regulated Like Gambling

A UK Parliament Treasury Committee is calling for crypto to be regulated like gambling. This is due to significant risks to consumers as well as the heightened volatility of digital assets. Currently, around 10% of the UK population holds crypto. The Committee, which includes members… Read More

The United Kingdom is the Fintech Capital of the World

In a report published today by HM Treasury, in partnership with EY, the UK declared global domination in the world of Fintech. The UK has consistently punched above its weight-class when it has come to financial innovation.  The Brits have benefited from elected officials that… Read More

LendIt / P2PFA Prepare for Second Annual European Conference, Harriett Baldwin MP Selected as Keynote Speaker

  As previously announced, LendIt has partnered with P2PFA for the second annual European conference to be held in London this coming October. The P2PFA, the UK industry body for peer-to-peer lending, works to promote high standards of business practice and an effective regulatory framework. Current membership includes… Read More

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