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tZERO Group Announces Launch of Spirits Capital Corporation’s Capital Raise

tZERO Group Inc., a firm focused on technology solutions for capital markets, is pleased to announce the launch of Spirits Capital Corporation’s capital raise using the tZERO Securities platform. Spirits provides investors with “a path to capitalize on the growth in value of premium American whiskey… Read More

tZERO ATS to Provide Primary and Secondary Offerings as tZERO Securities

tZERO Group Inc. says its broker-dealer subsidiary, tZERO ATS, will “add investment banking business lines to its existing platform.” In parallel, tZERO ATS will “change its name to tZERO Securities to better reflect the breadth of services it makes available to its customers.” These changes… Read More

tZERO Group, Inc. Shares Digital Assets Regulatory Reform Proposal

The last couple of months have been anything but “dull” for the digital asset industry – enforcement actions, regulatory proposals, the first ever SPBD approval and, of course, the landmark Ripple decision, the team at tZERO recently noted. tZERO Group, Inc., which claims to be… Read More