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Updated: Seabin Pitch Video Has Been Viewed Over 30 Million Times on Facebook

I just saw this video pop up into my Facebook timeline.  The video is about Seabin a “trashcan for the ocean”.  Basically, the device floats at water level and vacuums up anything floating nearby. Think of it as a jumbo sized pool cleaner except it is targeting… Read More

RAINN Launches Indiegogo Campaign In Response To Kickstarter Seduction Guide

The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) has launched an Indiegogo campaign as a response to the previously reported Kickstarter campaign for the “Above The Game: A Guide To Getting Awesome With Women.” Things didn’t turn out so awesome for creator Ken Hoinsky’s campaign,… Read More

UPDATED: Kickstarter Speaks After Taking Heat For “Guide To Getting Awesome With Women”

UPDATE: Kickstarter has issued a rare response to Casey Malone, the blogger that originally displayed outrage at the campaign and sparked a media firestorm around the world’s largest crowdfunding platform. This morning, material that a project creator posted on Reddit earlier this year was brought… Read More

Going Viral With Your Crowdfunding Campaign

A couple of years ago I saw some permutation of the formula for virality for the first time. Although it’s extremely simple, it had a profound effect on me. The act of garnering popularity on the Internet often feels like this shadowy black art. The spoils… Read More

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