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Wikipedia Co-founder Jimmy Wales Believes Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Tech Cannot Add Anything Useful to the Online Encyclopedia

Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, noted on February 21 that he has not been able to identify any practical use-cases for cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology as far as Wikipedia’s development and maintenance is concerned. Wales, whose comments came during the recent CoinGeek Conference (held in… Read More

Wikimedia Foundation Teams Up With BitPay to Accept Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash Donations

Wikipedia operated nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation, has formed a partnership with Bitcoin payments processor Bitpay to accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash donations. According to the duo, all of the Wikimedia Foundation’s work is driven by its vision to create a world in which everyone can freely share in… Read More

Founder: Wikipedia Will Absolutely Never Fundraise by ICO

Jimmy Wales told Business Insider this week that Wikipedia, the crowdsourced encyclopedia he founded in 2001 with partner Larry Sanger, has “zero interest” in and will “absolutely never” raise money by initial coin offering (ICO). The site will continue to run on donations and volunteer… Read More

On Indiegogo: Smart Marketing Stunt Seeks $50,000 To Put Wikipedia In Print

Could you imagine being able to visualize the sheer size of Wikipedia’s English articles? The free online encyclopedia has been in the works for well over a decade now, and – according to itself, ironically – it now nets 500 million unique visitors and 18… Read More

Wikimedia Launches $50 Million Fundraising Effort

Every year, nonprofit organization Wikimedia seeks funding from the crowd to support initiatives including their free online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. This year’s effort has just launched, and Wikipedia is seeking to raise $50 million from the crowd. Wikipedia is the #5 most visited web site in… Read More

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