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Mikkel Velin: Co-CEO at YouLend Explains How Revenue based Finance Helps E-Commerce Businesses

We recently connected with Mikkel Velin, Co-CEO, YouLend, which works with digital commerce platforms (inc. eBay and Shopify) in order to offer merchants access to fast and reliable funding. During a discussion with CI,  YouLend‘s management noted that the UK government’s Help to Grow scheme… Read More

Mikkel Velin, Co-CEO at Embedded Lending Provider YouLend, Comments on Challenges Facing UK SMEs

The UK government’s Help to Grow scheme has seen “painfully slow” uptake from small businesses – “despite the current economic landscape leaving many of them in desperate need of support,” according to an update shared with CI. Mikkel Velin, Co-CEO of B2B embedded lending provider… Read More