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Alternative Investment Platform PeerBerry Repays an Additional €0.7M on War-affected Loans

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PeerBerry business partners are reportedly repaying an additional €0.7 million on war-affected Ukrainian and Russian short-term loans. After today’s repayment, the total amount of repaid war-affected loans in April “will be €3.64 million (significantly more than the planned amount of EUR 1,3 million at the… Read More

PeerBerry Partner Lithome, a Real Estate Developer, Closes Project “Aurea Home” in Center of Vilnius

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PeerBerry’s business partner – real estate developer Lithome – successfully “closed the real estate project ‘Aurea Home’ in the center of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.” The real estate loan of EUR 1 million, “plus an interest rate of EUR 91 647 (total amount of… Read More

Alternative Investment Platform CAIS Welcomes $100M Infusion, Joins Unicorn Club


CAIS, an alternative investment platform, today announced a $100 million investment from Reverence Capital Partners. The raise is a continuation of the company’s $225 million round in January which was led by Apollo, Motive Partners, and Franklin Templeton. Following that round, CAIS’ enterprise valuation exceeded… Read More

Alternative Investment Platform PeerBerry Passes Another “Business Resilience” Exam

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The team at PeerBerry notes that we have already seen and have already been there (when remembering all the panic during the first wave of Covid in March 2020). But on the other hand, “nothing compares with the current events,” the team at PeerBerry wrote… Read More

UK’s Sourced Capital Looks into Benefits of Alternative Property Investment

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The team at UK’s Sourced Capital notes that one of the “best” reasons for investing in property is the “potential” financial returns. However, what if you were not able to commit to “hands-on” investments? Sourced Capital has shared some of the alternative property investments. With… Read More

Alternative Investment Platform PeerBerry Shares Extensive Update Amid Ukraine-Russia Crisis

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PeerBerry notes that their business partners have assessed the changes in interest rates in international markets and have “made appropriate changes in the interest rates on loans offered to invest in on the PeerBerry platform – the interest rates are slightly increasing.” Interest rates on… Read More

The SIB Group Project Contributed €68,803 to PeerBerry Investors

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PeerBerry business partner – real estate developer SIB Group – has successfully finalized the apartment building project “Skvero namai” in the center of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. The real estate loan of €1 million (the total amount with interest rate €1,068 803) was repaid… Read More

Mintos Reports 650,000 Loans Funded in Jan 2022, Equivalent to €128.3M, Investors Earned €3.5M+

Mintos Team

The team at Mintos has published the latest edition of Mintos Insight, which is their monthly publication that offers an overview of what’s been going on (on their platform), including commentary from their experts, recent investor activity, educational topics, and other updates. Key insights from… Read More

Mintos Says Major Priority for 2022 Is Completing Transition to Notes

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Earlier this month, the team at European lender Mintos had released their extensive Insight Report. Mintos noted that their monthly publication offers an overview of what’s been happening on their platform, including commentary from their team of experts, recent investor activity, educational topics, and other… Read More

Yieldstreet Explains How they Carry Out their Stringent Multi-Step Vetting Process Before Offering Investment Opportunities

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Yieldstreet explains that they aim to provide a diverse range of “unique” private market investment opportunities that offer “potentially attractive benefits” to investor portfolios. But before a particular offering makes it onto the Yieldstreet platform, it needs to go through a “stringent” multi-step vetting process,… Read More

Alternative Investment Marketplace PeerBerry Reports that it Grew Nearly Three Times in 2021

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PeerBerry, an alternative investment marketplace, claims that its operations grew almost three times in 2021. According to an extensive update from PeerBerry, 2021 was “the year of outstanding growth” for their platform. They almost tripled the scope of their business operations within the previous year…. Read More

Martins Valters, Co-Founder at Mintos, Reveals that They Worked Extensively on Regulation-related Objectives in 2021

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The team at Mintos, an investment firm that claims to be the leading alternative investment platform in the European Union, says they’ve made “big things” happen at Mintos in 2021, resulting in “a lot of transformative change.” According to Mintos, the loans asset class (for… Read More

Renewable Energy Business Partner Litelektra Teams Up with Alternative Investment Marketplace PeerBerry

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A Lithuanian renewable energy firm Litelektra, which is reportedly co-owned by Gofingo Group shareholders, has teamed up with PeerBerry, which is an alternative investment marketplace with “up to 12% return on investment” and offers innovative investment tools. As mentioned in the update, the new business… Read More

YieldStreet Explains How it Offers Investors Diverse Investment Opportunities

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Peer-to-peer lending has become an increasingly popular strategy among online investors. Platforms like Prosper have brought the P2P lending model “into the spotlight,” according to an update from YieldStreet, a multi-asset alternative investment platform that’s focused on reducing friction and offering “previously unattainable” access to alternatives… Read More

SaaS Investment Management Solutions Provider, SimCorp, Partners with Domos FS

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SimCorp, an independent provider of software-as-a-service or SaaS investment management solutions, has formed a partnership with Domos FS, resulting in a “complete front-to-back-office investment management offering covering both public and private markets for asset managers, asset owners and service providers.” As mentioned in the announcement,… Read More

Fractional, Passion Investing: Alternative Investment Platform Yieldstreet Introduces Art Equity Platform

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Yieldstreet, a multi-asset alternative investment platform that’s focused on reducing friction and offering “previously unattainable” access to alternatives for millions of consumers, announced the expansion of its art platform into equity ownership investments of physical art, “complementing the wide range of debt-backed opportunities offered.” As… Read More

Alternative Investment Platform YieldStreet Reports $2.4B+ Funded, $1.97B+ Invested, $1.2B+ Principal Repaid to Investors

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YieldStreet, an investment crowdfunding platform for alternative assets, notes that they were founded on the principle that “access to and the distribution of income-generating investment products was fundamentally broken.” Yieldstreet’s primary goal is to offer investors access to alternative investments across asset classes that were… Read More

CAIS Teams Up with Digital Asset to Address Inefficiencies in Wealth Management, Alternative Investments

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CAIS, the alternative investment platform, and Digital Asset, the creators of the Daml multi-party application platform, have confirmed  a working collaboration to “explore specific use cases for blockchain, distributed ledgers, and smart contracts at the intersection of wealth management and alternative investments.” The two firms… Read More

UK Cryptocurrency Ownership Could Double in 2021: Ziglu

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One in nine adults in the United Kingdom could make their first cryptocurrency purchase over the next year, data from UK money app Ziglu suggests. Should they all take the plunge that would mean 21 percent of UK adults would own some digital currency. Of… Read More

Online Marketplace YieldStreet Secures $100M via Series C, as Alternative Investments Heat Up

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YieldStreet, an online marketplace for a diverse array of asset-backed investments, revealed on Wednesday (June 2, 2021) that it has secured $100 million in capital through a Series C round, as alternative investments “heat up.” Michael Weisz, YieldStreet Co-Founder and President, told Yahoo Finance that… Read More

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