Kickstarter Off to a Great Launch with Crowdfunding in UK

Kickstarter UK recently announced their launch results for their first month in their United Kingdom existence.  Results of UK based deals are as follows:

  • Total Pledged: £2,069,164 ($3,331,975 or € 2,546,024 )
  • Total Backers: 45,799
  • Launched Projects: 407
  • Successfully Funded Projects: 30

The results are reflecting UK based projects only but represent investors or funders from around the world.  This is certainly an excellent example of the fungible nature of capital and the efficient allocation generated by the Kickstarter platform.  The exact nationalities of the backers are broken down below:

  • UK backers: 39%
  • EU backers: 23%
  • US backers: 23%
  • Other areas: 15%

So 61% of the funders are from outside the United Kingdom. This is a staggering percentage when one considers this is the very first month in existence.  I would not chalk this up to beginners luck.  The kickstarter platform and their methodology of discovery has been highly effective in the United States and now it is successful abroad. Should we expect to see an extension of this platform into other countries? France perhaps – or maybe an Asian country?  The British presence is certainly aided by a, mostly , similar language but I would offer a guess that Kickstarter and their team are considering the same question above.

So with an astounding £48 in pledges per minute generated last month – one can only speculate the next level up.

Congratulations to the Kickstarter team, we are certain you will keep everyone appraised of future progress.

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