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I was just reviewing the Kickstarter numbers which they put together in an excellent section of their site called, appropriately, Kickstarter Stats.  These are some pretty impressive crowdfunding numbers.  I was curious as to how they have done in years prior so I looked at their 2010 and 2011 totals.


The Year In Kickstarter      
2010 2011 % Diff
Projects Launched 11,130 27,086 143.36%
Successful Projects 3,920 11,836 201.94%
Dollars Pledged $27,638,318 $99,344,382 259.44%
Rewards Selected 322,526 1,150,461 256.70%
Total Visitors 8,294,183 30,590,342 268.82%
Project Success Rate 43.00% 46.00%
 ________________________  _____________  ____________  ___________

These are some pretty incredible numbers for a site that has only been live since the spring (April) of 2009.

The crew at Kickstarter loves their numbers.  They post a rolling update daily showing exactly how they are doing.  Now if we take a look at their numbers to date this is even more astounding.

These are as of today:


Launched Projects Total Dollars Successful Dollars Unsuccessful Dollars  Success Rate
81,137 $445,000,000.00 $383,000,000.00 $50,000,000.00 43.69%
_____________________ ___________________ ____________________ _______________________ _____________________

Their hottest category is Film and Video with over $102 million in total dollars.  Certainly justification for the spate of Crowdfunding sites popping up dedicated to the film and video industry.  Number two is the game category.

They have funded over 34,000 projects.  The majority have raised $10,000.00 or less.  Only 17 projects to date have raised over the $1 Million threshold.

This Week on Kickstarter

Kickstarter normally announces end of year numbers in January so we expect to see the “official” results soon.  The crowdfunding industry is truly in its infancy.  We can only imagine how this incredible success can be extrapolated to  Crowdfunding for equity widely expected to commence in  2013.

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