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RateSetter Releases Performance Statistic Update

P2P lender RateSetter announced on Friday it has updated its performance statistics. According to the lending platform, a new set of fields on the Performance by year means investors may now view the amount lent by year, which is broken down by lending type. The… Read More

EquityNet Releases Up-to-Date 2015 Crowdfunding Statistics

On Thursday, crowdfunding platform EquityNet announced the release of new crowdfunding statistics for 2015 based on a sampling of over 15,000 U.S. businesses listed on EquityNet from 2007 to present day. Judd Hollas, founder and CEO of EquityNet stated: “EquityNet has been a leader when it comes to tracking the… Read More

Crowd Valley Readies Latest Global Crowdfunding Market Report

In October of 2013, crowdfunding platform software provider Crowd Valley published a report on the global crowdfunding market. It appears this report is now going to become somewhat of a regular event. CrowdValley is now readying an update only a few short months later. Following… Read More

IBISWorld Report: P2P Lending Revenues Grew 27.6% in 2013, Dwarf Other Crowdfunding Models

Market research firm IBISWorld has released a report on the P2P lending industry and there is – as expected – some pretty staggering growth in the space. The breakdown comes via 54 companies the firm tracks as being active in P2P lending. Since 2008, revenues have… Read More

Nesta Publishes Report on UK Alternative Finance, Crowdfunding

UK Alternative Finance Said to Hit £1.6 Billion in 2014. Nesta, a UK based charity which strives to support the best and brightest ideas by providing grants and doing research, has published a report on the “Rise of Future Finance”.  This is a first ever… Read More

Kickstarter Shares Stats From First Year In The UK

It is almost hard to believe that Kickstarter has already been operating in the UK for a year already. Believe it; Kickstarter launched in the UK on Halloween 2012. From that first year, Kickstarter CEO Yancey Strickler has gleaned a handful of statistics. Those stats… Read More

SBE Council: Data Suggests Work To Do For Crowdfunding Industry

Only 11% of small business owners are familiar with crowdfunding as a means of capital formation for their businesses. That revelation comes via SBE Council President and CEO Karen Kerrigan, who shared the information via  a survey entitled “Entrepreneurs & the Economy Survey.” The survey… Read More

The Most Successful Kickstarter Category May Surprise You

Credit where credit is due: SFGate did a simple extrapolation on publicly-available Kickstarter data, and that turned up a pretty interesting stat about the success rate of Kickstarter projects. Guess which category of Kickstarter projects can boast the highest success rate. No, not stalwart categories… Read More

Blog Post Says Kickstarter is Owning Indiegogo, Indiegogo – Says Not So Fast

Blogger Jonathon Lau and partner Edward Junprung have posted an article which claims that “Dollar for dollar raised, Kickstarter dominates Indiegogo Six times over”.  They basically scraped the Indieogogo platform and added it all up.  The data they are working with is available here.  Kickstarter… Read More

Mind the Gap Analyzes Gap Funding at Universities

Research universities, often a source of this innovation, are offering a solution through translational research, proof of concept, and start-up gap funding programs. These gap funds and their impact on our innovation capability are detailed in a new, online resource called Mind the Gap. Mind… Read More

The Year in Kickstarter

I was just reviewing the Kickstarter numbers which they put together in an excellent section of their site called, appropriately, Kickstarter Stats.  These are some pretty impressive crowdfunding numbers.  I was curious as to how they have done in years prior so I looked at… Read More

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