9 Bizarre Crowdfunding Projects From 2012

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That crowdfunding becoming increasingly popular is clear.As always in the law of large numbers, provides that in addition to interesting and fun projects too outlandish projects. In our time of review.

1. George Zimmerman – USA

Earlier this year, George Zimmerman caused a heated debate in the United States. As neighborhood watch in Sanford, Florida, he shot dead Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old boy who the fence of a gated community within walking. In the eyes of some, a racist murder in the eyes of others is a result of self-defense. Anyway, Zimmerman is arrested and charged. To his defense he gets to pay through a website than $ 135,000 by using crowdfunding.

2. Breasts can crowdfunden

For some people, a breast implant pure necessity, for others it is an embellishment of their body. Breast implants are expensive and for some priceless. Combine this with crowdfunden and a new market is born: breast crowdfunding. Myfreeimplants.com works like a social networking site, and brings women who want breast augmentation, men with money, and plastic surgeons together. Women place a kind of advertising, and maintain a blog. Furthermore, they can chat and send private messages to people who donate money to them. In this way, women can get a free breast augmentation.

 3. Duet – CKIE

Ti and Michael designed a designer vibrator: the Duet . A quality vibrator with little noise, waterproof, rechargeable, and a small handy size. For mass production of the Duet they need money and the necessary courage to make this project a crowdfunden. With success, platform CKIE an amount of up to $ 104.039 retrieved. A lot of money for a very exciting topic!

4. Adopt a Revolution – IKV Pax Christ i

The Syrian Spring. In several cities across Syria demonstrating citizens, united in citizen committees, against the current regime. The committees are committed to democracy and peace in Syria. It is therefore no local rebels, but peaceful citizens. IKV Pax Christi supports the international campaign “Adopt a Revolution ‘. This means that it is possible to adopt a committee by donating. Each committee is a cost presented so clear is how much money is needed and where. A good example of how crowdfunding international people can connect and support.

 5. Offbeatr

One of the biggest industries that operate on the internet, the porn industry. Where in the pre-Internet years even to the obscure corner in the video store had for some distraction, is that now with some clicks all away. Offbeatr provides a platform on which porn directors a pitch post, then through crowdfunding money to make up for actually making the film. Before it comes to that registered users can vote on a project. A project must have a fixed number of votes before it is open to funding.

6. Kidnapped dog – Indiegogo

Craig Dershowitz, an artist from New York, got his dog lost his rich ex-girlfriend. Rather, his dog Knux was kidnapped. For Craig Knux meant a lot: he has him brought from his birth and thus had a special bond. Craig has anything to get back to his dog, and has even gone to court.

To the costs to be paid does Craig appeals to the crowd, through Indie Gogo. In an emotional video he indicates that he wants Knux love back , but that’s not going to work without financial assistance. His ex-girlfriend is supported by her wealthy family, and stretches the procedure until Craig out of money.Donors receive rewards in the form of a digital hug to a personal portrait of a world famous photographer.

7. Greece for sale – Indiegogo

Jacques Phillips lives in Australia and would like to Europe. To get there and to people who just have to work hard and not to Europe to enjoy his tour, Jacques turned to crowdfunding. If you donate a sum you give a command Jacques , which he then filmed and put online. The larger your amount, the larger orders you can give him. You can for example ask Jacques to his bare ass in front of Buckingham Palace to stand, for $ 50. Funny detail, if the campaign 326 times $ 2,147,483,647 pose, then he buys Greece to utilize the Greek crisis to solve. Funders may then enter the new name of the country.

8. Love Karen H. Small – Indiegogo

Usually crowdfunding used for a personal project, but sometimes also for charity. Karen Huff, supervisor in a school in New York, experienced it yourself. On YouTube, a video which appeared to show that she was abused, bullied and belittled by 12-year-old schoolchildren in the school. So she called a fat, ugly and more misery. Max Sidorov decided that the school had gone too far, and founded a crowdfunding page for Karen to deliver a much needed vacation. His target amount was $ 5,000. The movie and the campaign were picked up by the American media and within a day (!) Had already picked up $ 330,000. Eventually gave the campaign $ 703.123, an unprecedented sum.

9. Also love Max – Indiegogo

That crowdfunding people connect with each other seen from the campaign that was created for Max Sidorov . Yes, the Max who set up a campaign for Karen Huff. Max faced international attention, thousands of questions and phone calls, faxes, emails, mail, et cetera. Medecrowdfunder Case Prince found that Max deserved a little reward for his charity and his good-doing , and pulled through Indie Gogo $ 7.465 for Max. Goal was a much lower amount ($ 2,500) to pick up a laptop to buy for Max.Conclusion: charity pays.

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