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Royal College of Surgeons to Deter Crowdfunding of Breast Implants

Web sites such as MyFreeImplants may encounter a new challenge, at least in the UK. According to a report in the Sunday Times, doctors who perform surgery on women who have crowdfunded breast implants “could find themselves in front of the [ General Medical Council] GMC… Read More

Crowdfunding: what it is and why it’s important

Think of a crowd. Think of a mob. Think of a mass. The collective nouns for ‘people’ mostly come with negative connotations because, in the English language at least, such large groups are regarded apprehensively. If a third party talks about a crowd’s ‘mind’, then… Read More

9 Bizarre Crowdfunding Projects From 2012

This was reposted and translated from Frankwatching.com, a Dutch cross-marketing platform.  Click here for the original story. That crowdfunding becoming increasingly popular is clear.As always in the law of large numbers, provides that in addition to interesting and fun projects too outlandish projects. In our time… Read More

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