The Average Size of Investments in Equity Crowdfunding Offerings

Investment-based crowdfunding is fundamentally different from perk-based crowdfunding. In 2011, the average successful perk campaign raised ~$4,000, while the average investment-based campaign brought in ~$112,000 (Source: GigaOm Pro).

It makes sense. Outside of product categories —where pledges are effectively a pre-ordering mechanism— backers typically limit their pledges to fairly small amounts. Often, they pledge an amount benchmarked to a perceived value they cognitively assign to the perk. Exceptionally generous benefactors step in from time to time, of course,  but it’s safe to say this is the exception and not the rule. And this is exactly the way perk crowdfunding should be.  The founders of Kickstarter have been adamant about its platform not being a mechanism for funding for-profit businesses. It’s not what perk crowdfunding is designed for; but investment crowdfunding is.

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