33 Films Crowdfunded by Kickstarter at SXSW

Kickstarter + Films = SXSW 2013

A film crowdfunded by Kickstarter just won an Oscar.  Over $100 Million has been raised, for over 9000 film projects, on the Kickstarter platform over the past three years alone. So what is next?  SXSW of course.  Kickstarted films have generated 35 official SXSW film selections this year – which is over 25% of the selections.  The SXSW Films have raised from about $3000.00 up to over $125,000 totaling over $1,068,138 in total funds raised to date.

The Kickstarted films at SXSW are listed below with the amount pledged to the project:




Our Nixon  – $16,056

A documentary featuring the Super 8 home movies of Nixon’s closest aids.



12 O’Clock Boys  – $30,91012 O'Clock Boys

Pug, a young boy growing up in West Baltimore, finds solace in a gang of illegal dirt bike riders known as the 12 O’Clock Boys



I am Divine  – $51,840I am Divine

The story about DIvine, aka Harris Glenn Milstead, from his humble beginnings as an overweight, teased Baltimore youth to his career as an internationally recognized drag superstar through his collaboration with filmmaker John Waters


Swim Little Fish Swim  – $3,332 (Still funding)Swim Little Fish

A dream like journey from childhood to adulthood.




Big Joy:  The Adventures of James Broughton – $23,904James Broughton

Explores the life and art of James Broughton.  His remarkable story spans the post-war San Francisco renaissance, including the Beats, his sojourn in Europe, becoming a bard of Gay Liberation and dying a conscious death.


Good Ol’ Freda –  $58,000Good Ol Feda

The untold story of Feda Kelly, the Beatles’ trusted secretary and friend throughout their rise to fame.





TPB AFK:  The Pirate Bay – Away From Keyboard  – $51,424Pirate Bay

A feature length documentary about the Swedish file sharing site that revolutionized the media landscape and prompted an international legal fight.



The Punk Singer

The Punk Singer: The Documentary about Kathleen – $61,455

Feature length documentary about Kathleen Hanna, lead singer of Bikini Kill, Julie Ruin, Le Tigre; punk feminist



Moving Windmills –  $111,545Moving Windmills

Young Malawian, William Kamkwamba teaches himself to build a power generating windmill from junk parts rescuing his family from poverty.


Grow Up, Tony Phillips  – $80,001Grow Up Tony Phillips

A Holloween set comedy, it’s Tony’s Senior year and their friends have now decided they are too cool for Halloween.





Medora –  $65,606Medora

Medora follows the town’s down but not out highs school basketball team set in a struggling community in small town America.




Good Night –  $11,256Good Night

A Story of a group of 20 somethings who re-unite for a birthday dinner party where Leigh, the birthday girl, announces this is the last time her friends will see her alive.



Continental – The Big Finish –  $14,051Continental

A look at the legendary New York City gay bath house told by the people who were there.



Rewind This –  $23,000Rewind This

The story of the home video revolution, a tale of technological advancement and human ambition.





Tiny: A Story About Small Living  – $11,062Tiny A Story About Small Living

One couple’s attempt to build a tiny house from scratch.  The film raises questions about sustainability, good design, and the changing of the American Dream.




Maidentrip:  A Coming of Age Expedition  – $5,851Maidentrip Laura Dekker

In the wake of a year long battle with the Dutch authorities, 14 year old Laura Dekker sets sail in pursuit  of her dream to become the youngest person ever to sail around the world alone.


White Reindeer  – $33,580White Reindeer

Suzanne forms an unexpected friendship with her late husbands lover during a special Christmas in suburban Virginia



Improv Everywhere  – $126,220Improv Everywhere

Documentary film chronicles how a group of New York comedians started a cultural phenomenon.




Finding the Funk  – $21,679FInding Funk

A road trip in search of the past, present and future of funk music narrated by Questlove of the roots.



Ornana  – $30,293 Ornana

Two films rolled into one:  Euphonia follows a suburban teenager in search of inspiring sounds.  Listening with his sound recorder, he begins to drift away from his surroundings. Confusion Through Sand explores the spectrum of has experienced by today’s solders in the desert.


Mr. Angel –  $9,826Mr. Angel

Buck was born a female but always knew he was male.  This film follows Buck as he becomes an unconventional porn star.  However his parents are unaware of their child’s fame.



Cicada Princess  – $74,272Cicada Princess

For 16 years cicadas live underground.  They emerge for one glorious night to live out their lives in hopes of finding happiness and, maybe, love.



All The Labor  – $47,368All The Labor

Documentary about Austin band, The Gourds.  Illuminated with intimate performances and behind the scenes footage spanning nearly two decades.



Boneshaker  – $8,331Boneshaker

The film follows a Ghanaian immigrant family taking a road trip to a Pentecostal church in Louisiana to find a cure for its problem child.



It’s Not You, It’s Me –  $12,972Its Not You Its Me

A young women’s relationship takes a dark turn when every sound her boyfriend makes starts to annoy her.



Mobile Homes  – $8,696Mobile Home

A young mother trapped in a world of sex trafficking is suddenly given the opportunity to escape.



Sequin Raze  – $15,931Sequin Raze

Behind the scenes of a hit reality TV show, a jaded producer and a spurned beauty queen face off in a mental mortal combat.  Only one can leave victorious


Shale  – $13,045Shale

Newly divorced after a 35 year marriage, Sheila tries to get her ex to share assets. But he won’t give up without a fight.



I, Slomo –  $3,707I Slomo

Depressed and frustrated with his life, Dr. John Kitchin abandons his career as a neurologist and moves to Pacific Beach. There he undergoes a radical transformation.



Child Eater  – $5,337Child Eater

A simple night of babysitting takes a horrifying turn when Helen realizes the boogeyman is in little Lucas’ closet.





GBFF  – $3,165GBFF

More than anything else in the world, Reese wants a gay best friend. She sets out to get one, but her plan goes terribly awry.




Improvement Club –  $5,865Improvement Club

Traces a rag tag Seattle performance group’s attempt to expose the American Revolution’s fatal flaws.





Fall & Winter  – $28,558Fall and Winter

Exploring the origins of our global crisis and the ingenious adaptations needed to survive a catastrophic transition.

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