Music Crowdfunding Danger! Be Good… But Not Too Good

New Rock Star PhilosophySo get this. It’s possible to be too good. Yes, TOO GOOD! Crazy I know, but if you are crowdfunding and looking for money, make sure you LOOK LIKE YOU NEED MONEY. People want to help those in NEED. Nobody wants to help a rich dude. Those jerks get all the breaks. So don’t look rich. Look like you need money. Recently I learned this the hard way.

As you may know The New Rockstar Philosophy is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo helping cover the costs of our first physical (aka “real”) book.

You see, we’ve partnered with Indie Ink, a real-life two person independent publisher, not some faceless major label publishing house. This means that we are running a lean operation. We’re hungry and we all believe in The New Rockstarstar Philosophy. We’ve already put in a ton of blood, sweat and cash into this and we need more help to do it right. This is where our crowdfunding video comes in. You see I thought you should make a professional video. I thought that you should get a professional videographer. I thought you needed it to look immaculate and as perfect as possible. I thought all that, but I was wrong.

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