Why everything geeks think they know about Kickstarter is wrong

Funded With KickstarterKickstarter has been described as the Home Shopping Network for geeks—picture an online version of the Sharper Image catalog and an investment platform for tech startups having a baby. But this is the wrong way to think about Kickstarter, because the site’s founders have actually shied away from tech to take Kickstarter back to its roots: a fundraising platform for all forms of creativity, but mostly in the arts.

A site synonymous with smart watches is now rejecting them

The evidence is everywhere, both on the site and in founders’ public statements. Case in point: the most-funded Kickstarter project ever is the Pebble smart watch, which raised more than $10 million. It touched off a revolution in thinking about wearable computing; Apple, Samsung and Google are all building their own smart watches.

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