Three Interviews With Three Kickstarter Darlings

Funded With KickstarterAnton Volney recently posted three interviews with three different Kickstarter project creators. The interviews covered the ethos behind each of the three products as well as some of the strategies employed to find success.

All three of the interviews were posted at, a site that focuses on social business tips for online networking and, in this case, fundraising.

The three highlighted Kickstarter campaigns are…

  1. The EMBRACE+
    The product is a bracelet that visually notifies the wearer when something happens on his or her cellphone. The campaign raised over $100,000 in 30 days. Of note here is the fact that the successful campaign was their second try at Kickstarter. Excellent strategy interview. Read the interview
  2. Glow In The Dark Plants
    We’ve covered this one pretty extensively on Crowdfund Insider, but this interview does an excellent job at providing an in-depth look at the motivations behind the project from the creator’s point of view. I find it particularly interesting that Antony Evans, the campaign’s creator, speaks candidly about the plants’ ability to reproduce. This interview probably predates the recent controversy around that very subject. Read the interview
  3. Trakline Belts
    Trakline Belts raised over $100,000 in less than two weeks. It’s an interesting look at a manufacturing-driven campaign. Excess money from the campaign was rolled into extra inventory for sales after Kickstarter. It’s also a good case study on how to find and fill a need in the market. Read the interview
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