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Glowing Plant Grafts with Y Combinator: VC’s First Biotech Investment Reignites GMO Debate

Kickstarter’s first synthetic biology project, the Glowing Plant, which was launched April 2013 by Antony Evans, Fulbright Stanford post-doc fellow Omri Amirav-Drory, PhD and Kyle Taylor, PhD (from Stanford) has made the news again for its syncing with Y Combinator.  The Silicon Valley venture capital firm… Read More

Petition Started to Get Kickstarter to Rescind Ban on Genetically Modified Organisms

Recently Kickstarter decided to update their guidelines for project creators where Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are banned from crowdfunding on their platform.  As one commenter described the change as putting “synthetic biology in the same category as hate crimes and tobacco”. While that statement may… Read More

Kickstarter Bans GMOs In Wake Of Glowing Plant Campaign

A recent Kickstarter project that aimed to reward backers with seeds for glowing plants was very well funded, having raised over $450,000. These seeds were said to produce glowing plants that had been modified with genes from fireflies and bioluminescent bacteria. Thousands of people backed… Read More

Three Interviews With Three Kickstarter Darlings

Anton Volney recently posted three interviews with three different Kickstarter project creators. The interviews covered the ethos behind each of the three products as well as some of the strategies employed to find success. All three of the interviews were posted at SucceedInYourPajamas.com, a site… Read More

A Project To Make Plants Glow Is Fueling Controversy

A Kickstarter campaign for The Glowing Plant project has stirred the debate over genetically modified organisms. Scientists are planning to use lab techniques to insert DNA that codes for glowing proteins from fireflies and bacteria into plants, so they glow. These glowing plants have been made before —… Read More

Glowing Plant Stands at over $460,000 Raised in Final Hours

Initially targeted to raise $65,000, the break out success of the crowdfunding campaign  Glowing Plants: Natural Lighting with no Electricity on Kickstarter, now stands at over $460,000 raised by over 8000 contributors. The campaign quickly incorporated stretch goals as it became apparent their crowdfunding initiative was… Read More

Kickstarter for Glowing Plant Now Over $385,000

Reported just last week this crowdfunding campaign  on Kickstarter for a Glowing Bioluminescent Plant had surpassed $250,000 – now stands over $385,000.  With 14 days to go the original target of $65,000 has been easily crushed. In a release organizers The Glowing Plant team announced they… Read More

Biohackers Are Kickstarting Some Unregulated Experiments

You may have heard of Kickstarter — the darling crowdfunding site where artists, designers, moviemakers, and others pitch pet projects to an online funder audience. Kickstarter may have just taken on a new and unwelcome role — as the one-stop shop for risky biotech companies looking to… Read More

Kickstarter for Glowing Bioluminescent Plants Crosses $250K

What if we used trees to light our streets instead of electric street lamps? The first sentence in the video pitch should give some idea as to the ambition of the crowdfunding campaign for bioluminescent plants. The Kickstarter campaign has crossed a quarter of a… Read More

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