Sound Band On Kickstarter: Headphones Without A Speaker

It’s what Hybra Advance Technology is calling the “future of personal audio.” Sound Band is a set of headphones that clip onto your ears and deliver sound by actually delivering vibrations straight to your skull.

The benefit? That leaves the ears free of obstructions, and the designers of the headphones say that that allows you to hear conversations and other such noises without having to reach up and remove your headphones.

It all started with an intense conversation regarding concept headsets of the future…what would they look like, how would they work, what would you do with them when they weren’t in use?  Smartphones, tablets, and computers are getting smarter, faster, incorporating higher-resolution displays, each version with new visual and tactile interactions.  So we set out on a quest to create a headset to match these advances, a headset built for today’s increasingly mobile world.  A headset that would compliment, not complicate, your life. One that didn’t rely on speakers, that didn’t block your ears, and that kept your sound to yourself.  No distractions.  No interruptions.  Eventually, you wouldn’t know you were even wearing it.  We called it Sound Band.

According to the Kickstarter campaign page, this product has been in the works for a long time; over three years to be exact. An early prototype won an Innovations Design and Engineering Award at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, and since then the team has worked on multiple iterations of the device. They eventually landed on the current, production-ready version.

As far as their ability to deliver goes, Hybra makes a personal appeal to backers…

While there may be set backs and unexpected hiccups along the way, we are very confident in the relationships we have built over the last few years with our various teams.  We can handle it.  We are ready to step into Sound Band’s next chapter with gusto, and there is nothing more that we could ask for than to share the journey with you.  We want you in on the story, the conversation…even those not-so-pretty late-night photos.  We want you to know what is going on, so we vow to keep you in the loop.  Plus, it’s about to get way too exciting around here; our small team might just burst at the seams if we can’t share it!  With you by our side, what is there that we couldn’t possibly handle?  So let’s do this!

The team is seeking $175K and has already raised $100K of that goal with over a month to go, so the campaign is almost certain to be fully funded. Backers will have to pony up at least $125 to lay claim to a set of these innovative headphones.

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