On Kickstarter: Monsieur Robotic Bartender Is A Soda Fountain For Cocktails

A new project on Kickstarter promises backers an “artificially intelligent robotic bartender.” The Monsieur is like a soda fountain for cocktails, and it has raised almost three-quarters of a $100,000 crowdfunding goal with over a month left in the campaign.

The precision of the software and pumps allows features like the strength slider: choose ‘normal’ or ‘lightweight’ or ‘boss’. Over time, Monsieur will learn your taste to pre-adjust your drinks so you don’t have to.

The Monsieur has a pretty impressive list of promised features. Units hold either four or eight bottles of liquor and ingredients, and the device comes pre-loaded with six profiles for the mini and 12 for the full version, including standard, Vegas and tropical themes. Each profile supports 12 drinks in the mini and 25 drinks in the full version. Wi-fi support means the device can download additional profiles and recipes from the web.

Users can also use their smartphones to “order” a drink from the machine.

We envision a world where Monsieurs are in nightclubs, arena suites, hotels, and offices and many other places where you enjoy cocktails…and they will recognize who you are and your preferences via your mobile app.

Claim to a Monsieur comes with a pledge of at least $1,499 for the four bottle “mini” version. The full version runs $2,699. That is a big pledge for a rewards-based crowdfunding campaign, so naturally backers should be careful and be sure they trust the team behind the device to deliver.

Regardless, the idea has the potential to be a dream come true for cocktail enthusiasts. The outcome will come down to the team’s ability to execute. Delivery is scheduled for April of 2014. At this point full funding looks very likely.

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