“GroundBreaker” White Label Crowdfunding Platform Targets Real Estate

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GroundBreaker is one of the first ever white label crowdfunding applications  which is specifically for the Real Estate industry.  The platform was developed by graduates of the Cornell University accelerator program. Incredibly they closed eight projects during their beta period (valued at about $14 Million).  Now they are opening up their site to the world.

Founded by a highly experienced foursome:  Joey Jelinek, Stefano D’Aniello, Alex Jelinek and Jacob Hofer, they each bring unique skills and experience to the table.

Joey, a graduate of Cornell, built Morgan Stanley’s mortgage buying platform.  Stefano, a securities attorney previously at White & Case, did his MBA at Wharton. Alex with a CS Degree from Columbia has managed over 50 mobile and web GroundBreaker Teamproducts.  Jacob, another CS grad from Columbia, has worked on enterprise class applications at Cisco Systems and elsewhere.

The concept was engendered by Joey after trying to start his own mission driven real estate venture.  Joey also has an undergrad degree in Architecture from Columbia and saw many of his architecture friends struggle to launch their own projects.  Seeing the power of Kickstarter, he decided to create the same type of enabling platform for aspiring real estate moguls, architects and engineers.

Joey said of his new real estate crowdfunding platform,

“GroundBreaker is the first and only crowdfunding platform offered as a white-label fundraising tool to real estate entrepreneurs. Through our platform and technology real estate projects can go viral by leveraging entrepreneurs’ existing networks while also making the fundraising process more efficient in general. Our mission is to help visionary real estate entrepreneurs launch their ventures. Unlike tech, there is no infrastructure to help entrepreneurs get started in real estate, but there should be.”

“We want to improve the urban landscape. By controlling the purse, institutional investors currently dictate what gets built. Typically driven solely by yield, ugly boxes with cheap materials are what too often gets funded. Hence, why so many eyesores and scarce green buildings. We want to build tomorrow’s landmarks while preserving yesterday’s. We want more green structures. We want engineering innovation and works of art.”

GroundBreaker OfferThe platform is open to almost all real estate entrepreneurs but they want the project creators to use their own networks and to build their base organically as opposed to soliciting strangers. They do run background checks on the entrepreneurs as a safeguard.  Groundbreaker does have listing requirements  but they do not curate projects on their site.   Given their deep understanding of real estate finance, the legal issues, and technology, they envision a better way to raise funds and to customize a solution for a specific entrepreneurs fundraising needs.

GroundBreakers hopes to increase ownership for all by leveraging the power of investment crowdfunding in the real estate world.  While there are several other real estate crowdfunding platforms which are offering portfolio opportunities around the country (and world for that matter) – GroundBreaker is the first to allow you to create a deal within minutes for your very own real estate project.

The team at GroundBreaker truly wants to facilitate tomorrow’s landmarks while preserving the beauty of structures from the past.  We all suffer from the big box eyesores.  If they can help the visionaries of today’s developers get funding, perhaps they can alter the future and shift things in a direction which improves the urban landscape for all.



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