Crowdfunding Stakeholders, Researchers Take To Quora To Share Data & Insights

We’re growing increasingly fond of Quora as a resource for crowdfunding tips and insights from the likes of future Kickstarter CEO Yancey Strickler and Yan Budman, Director of Marketing at Indiegogo. Here are a selection of Quora questions and answers we found interesting this week…

Read Quote of James Beshara’s answer to Crowdtilt: How does the Crowdtilt service work? on Quora

Read Quote of Yan Budman’s answer to Crowdfunding: In a crowdfunding campaign, what is the donation pattern? Peaks and valleys vs. time into the campaign. on Quora

Read Quote of Yancey Strickler’s answer to Kickstarter: What do overfunded Kickstarter projects do with the extra money? on Quora

Read Quote of Ayeh Bandeh-Ahmadi’s answer to Kickstarter: What are some secrets or not-so-obvious tips to running a successful Kickstarter project? on Quora

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