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Gust Launch Starts with a Bang! Global Startup Ecosystem Adds Services to Help Entrepreneurs Launch New Companies

Gust Launch is a relatively new addition to the Gust portfolio of services for startups. Gust Launch is described as; “one platform to easily incorporate, start, and run your company like a seasoned entrepreneur—designed by experienced startup founders, investors, and lawyers to help you from… Read More

Quora Roundup: Tips On Big Rewards, Glowing Plant Dangers, Github Crowdfunding & Rule 506 Strategy

There are a bunch of interesting crowdfunding topics on Quora, so we wanted to round up a few of the best recent answers and share them here. First, how can crowdfunders use expensive rewards to find success? Some thoughts… Read Quote of Kevin Flint’s answer… Read More

David S. Rose On Crowdfunding, IP Protection & Execution

We recently stumbled upon a Quora answer from David S. Rose made in July of last year. One of the topics relevant to crowdfunding is IP protection. Crowdfunding is a very public endeavor, and exposing early-stage ideas to the crowd carries some risk of garnering… Read More

Kickstarter Hack: If You Want Funding To End, Turn Off Your Rewards

Is your Kickstarter taking off? Are you worried about having too many backers to answer to and too many rewards to ship? Wish Kickstarter had the option to set a funding maximum? They do… kind of. It isn’t an explicit feature of the platform, but… Read More

Crowdfunding Stakeholders, Researchers Take To Quora To Share Data & Insights

We’re growing increasingly fond of Quora as a resource for crowdfunding tips and insights from the likes of future Kickstarter CEO Yancey Strickler and Yan Budman, Director of Marketing at Indiegogo. Here are a selection of Quora questions and answers we found interesting this week…… Read More

On Quora: Yancey Strickler On What Bad Kickstarters Have In Common

Soon-to-be Kickstarter CEO Yancey Strickler knows a thing or two about crowdfunding. Recently he took to Quora to answer the following question: what are common elements among unsuccessful Kickstarter campaigns? See his answer below… Read Quote of Yancey Strickler’s answer to Unsuccessful Kickstarter projects, what… Read More

Gil Silberman On What He Hates Most About Equity Crowdfunding

A recent question on Quora asked respondents what they “hate most about equity-based crowdfunding?” The incindiary question produced some really interesting responses, not the least of which was the most-upvoted response by Gil Silberman. Silberman is a San Francisco-based startup lawyer. His response is as… Read More

Here’s What It’s Like To Be A Pave Prospect

Gerald Jones successfully built a team of mentors on Pave while raising $7,850. His mission? To attend UnCollege’s Gap Year program and use what he learns there to build a chain of successful small businesses in his hometown of Vallejo, California. Pave is a crowdfunding… Read More

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