Aurora Dream Enhancing Headband Hits Kickstarter

Loving Dreams with AuroraThe Aurora Dream Enhancing Headband launched on Kickstarter today in an attempt to raise $90,000.00.  The project by iWinks pre-launched on Prefundia to garner interested potential backers by building the crowd prior to their crowdfunding round.  The product fills a deep void which was left by the Luci Advanced Lucid Dreamer project which was awkwardly cancelled after already raising over $360,000 on a goal of only $40,000.   The Luci campaign spiraled into a deep dive of allegations of fraud and frustrated supporters who had committed their time and money to the project only to see the project creator, GXP Technologies, march away from Kickstarter Danny Schoonover and Andrey Smileystating he had found a better source of financing for his project.  Crowdfunders interested in the concept and technology of “lucid dreaming” where someone sleeping may control their dreams creating a virtual world, may have found an alternative to the disappointment generated by Luci.

iWinks, founded by Danny Schoonover and Andrew Smiley, have started their Kickstarter campaign on much better footing with a transparent approach on who they are – and what their expectations will be as part of the Aurora project.

Aurora HeadbandTo back up a bit for those of you new to the concept of the project, lucid dreams are about more than just generating entertaining dreams but also improving your conscious existence.  The project creators state that by visualizing activities during your dreams you may actually improve performance in these areas during your waking life.   Yes – most of us spend about 1/3 of our existence in some state of sleep.  Why not put that time to better use?

How does this all work?  Well the team at iWinks are developing software Wearing the Aurora at nightthat detects when you are dreaming.  Once you start dreaming their application will generate stimuli to help you control your dream.  If you are really interested you can support their crowdfunding campaign and for $150 you may be one of the first people to receive an Aurora Dream Enhancing Headband. They are estimating delivery in June of 2014.

Their first crowdfunding goal appears pretty reasonable and they already have stretch goals set up.  If they hit $300,ooo the algorithm will be embedded into the headband itself.  Interested in more information?  Then go ahead and check out their campaign page.

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