Gosnell Movie Hits Crowdfunding Goal of $2.1 Million

Gosnell Movie Will be Made

With 4 days left in their crowdfunding campaign on Indieogo, the Gosnell Movie has surpassed their $2.1 million goal confirm it as the most funded, successful campaign, on Indiegogo ever.  The campaign was launched on March 28th and is scheduled to close next week on May 12th.  Funders numbered over 23,000 with the majority of contributions coming in at $100 or less.

The campaign is a project that decided to “bypass Hollywood” and they have done so successfully -contrasting the number of films the industry has financed with the politicized subject matter;

“The mainstream media or Hollywood don’t think this is a story. Even though Gosnell killed more people than Gary Ridgeway, John Wayne Gacey, The Zodiac Killer and Ted Bundy combined. In a 30 year killing spree, it is thought he killed 1000s of babies. And that wasn’t a national story?”

20140329143958-GOSNELL_FB_Cover_plainIn a public post to backers the organizers shared their excitement in generating the needed funds;

Dear Supporters

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

The Gosnell Movie has raised $2.1m and will be made! We are so incredibly grateful to you for getting us here. It’s been a long road and it was your ongoing support that carried us through.

We are delighted, but not done working just yet! The campaign is open until midnight on Monday the 12th. We’ve got the minimum money we needed, but we would still like more people to join in. So we’re announcing a stretch goal – we want at least 30,000 people to become part of this historic project. They don’t need to donate much, even a dollar will do. And needless to say, all these dollars will go towards hiring better talent to make this movie even greater…

Thank you for everything, you proved Hollywood and the mainstream media were wrong covering up this story and you proved there are many, many people who want it told.

Phelim, Ann, Magdalena

The Gosnell Film campaign had just hurdled the $2 million level yesterday as momentum picked up.  The campaign was structured as a fixed funding project meaning the goal had to be met for organizers to receive committed funds.



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