Sleep Monitor Sense Skyrockets Past $1M Five Days Into Kickstarter Campaign

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Just five days after Sense’s crowdfunding campaign made its debut on Kickstarter, the project has raised over $1.1 million dollars from close to 9,000 backers.

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Sense is a simple system that keeps track of the user’s sleep behavior, monitors the environment of their bedrooms, and has even reinvented the alarm. The project’s team wrote, “We created Sense to be simple, uncomplicated and useful. Sense is the first system that combines the insight of your sleep patterns with the data of the environment in your bedroom, including noise, light, temperature, humidity and particles in the air.”

“With Sense’s Smart Alarm, it can even wake you up in the morning at the right point in your sleep cycle, to avoid that groggy feeling we all hate so much. All easily available via our iPhone and Android applications.”

The Sense system includes:

  • Sense, a device that sits on any nightstand, monitors conditions and disturbances that go on throughout the night.
  • Sleep Pill, a small but sensitive sleep tracking senor that clips invisibly to the pillow. There is nothing to remember to charge or plug in; it lasts for a whole year.
  • Mobile apps that tell how well the user sleeps, or didn’t, by giving a “Sleep Score” each night.

Sense also contains a speaker, so it may play white noise, or similar sounds such as pink noise or calming rain. The speaker is also used to play the Sense’s Smart Alarm, which wakes the user up at the right point in their sleeping cycle.

Sense 3Sense’s Sleep Score takes into account all of the sensor data and variables that it monitors to generate a score out of 100 for the user’s previous night. It looks at both the environment of their bedroom, such as disturbances during the night or whether their room was too bright for an ideal night’s rest, as well as how they actually slept themselves.

Not only is the Sleep Pill able to last without a charge, even if it gets tossed into the washing machine, it’ll still work. The Sense’s team designed it to be completely waterproof and next to indestructible.

Sense also has sensor that detect the following:

  • Ambient Light Sensor: monitors the levels of light in your room. A good night’s sleep is helped dramatically by having a completely dark bedroom without sudden interruptions such as a phone or car headlights.
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors: are able to detect the temperature and humidity throughout the day in your bedroom, helping Sense learn how you like your bedroom and under which conditions you sleep best.
  • Particulate Sensor: can spot the tiniest of things floating around in the air, so tiny you can’t even see most of them. But they are there, and they are potential sleep interrupters for many; more than 50 million people suffer from nasal allergies. If the pollen count is high in your neighborhood and Sense detects a rising level of microscopic particles in your bedroom, you should know.

Sense 5Explaining Sense’s design, the team wrote, “Too often technology simply looks like just another piece of technology. With Sense, we wanted to design something that would fit into any room. The design itself functions to help all of the intelligent sensors inside work perfectly, while remaining out of site.”

“Behind the soft-touch polycarbonate shell is an acoustic mesh that wraps around the whole device. This mesh hides and protects everything inside, all while having the sensors function perfectly.”

The timeline reads initial units will ship to Kickstarter backers as early this upcoming November.

Sense’s campaign is set to close on August 22nd.


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